A downloadable game for Windows

Ulysses stands on the aftermath mounds of a great tragedy

A psychic goat named Ulysses must navigate his way through the ruined fourth dimension and pull the ethereal crosses.

This is a project I've done for the 2017 Dream Diary Jam, I planned out a full game but unfortunately my due time came sooner than I thought. I found myself having to make a demo instead. 

This a very small example of what I've planned out,  I hope with what is here you'll enjoy this small demo. Changes will be made of course for later updates if I can get to them.

Install instructions

To play this, simply unzip the file and click on the RPG_RT application


Take the Veil - DDJ DEMO (Patched).zip 226 MB


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After the latest update today, I got this error on start-up:

"Cannot open Ulyssessystem file."

From what I played of it before said update, though, it looked very nice.

Thanks for letting me know! Sometimes the downloads for these games can be a bit strange. Looks like a few files failed to make it through zip compression, I have the older download link to the game back up.